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Our Story

   We are Lynn and Denise Preston and we started the Dreamland Bernedoodle saga in 2014 stemming from our passion for our beautiful, friendly dogs.  It is our privilege to provide not just pets, but rather, awesome family members to welcome you home everyday. We invest love, time, and energy into our program. As opposed to a commercial breeding operation, we typically have only 2-3 litters of puppies per year. As our client list continues to grow, we are making provisions to accommodate our waiting list. The one thing that we refuse to do is become so big that we lose the personal touch to our dogs, puppies and the families that come to meet us.

We started out with producing great Bernedoodle puppies and have placed them in wonderful homes throughout the country.  They have all grown up to be incredible family members.

   Many families have asked if we have a smaller breed as the Bernedoodles are too big for their situation. After a couple of years of consideration, we have currently added 2 Cavalier King Charles females to our program and we are planning on having a couple litters of Cavapoos in the future.

   As far as what we do here at Dreamland Bernedoodles:

From day one, we pride ourselves on the amount of time that we spend with our moms and their litters during the pregnancy, delivery and days to follow. We literally sleep next to the whelping boxes and make sure that mom and babies have everything they need. There is hands-on interaction from day one. By week three, we start the potty training process by making sure the whelping area is extremely clean and providing a potty area that the pups begin using on a regular basis.

Our little ones are introduced to a lot of life situations in the 8 short weeks that they are with us. They meet children, dogs, horses, cats, water, toys, all kinds of noises and anything else that we can find that is new , interesting, and exciting for them. We try our best to raise puppies that are not afraid of anything and are well socialized and want to be a part of everything.

   We never identify any of our little ones as a number or a color. Each and every puppy gets a name and is a part of our family. Our puppies are raised in our home and are given a lot of love and attention. We believe that raising healthy, clean and socialized puppies give them the best chance in life to become a great companion and family member when they find their new forever homes.


   We have made a lot of friends since we started breeding dogs and to this day, we continue to get updated pictures from families that have taken one of our little ones home. We make sure that everyone is comfortable with their decision about getting a puppy for their family and even which puppy would be the best fit for their situation and lifestyle.

   We recommend that puppies are not chosen by a picture or by the puppy the neighbors have. We would much rather have you come and meet us, see our home and our facility and interact with the puppies before you choose which one you want. Far too often we find that people want a particular puppy from a picture, but then the family comes to meet us and the puppies, and after a short period of time they see that a different puppy has chosen their family.  And they fall in love! So again, we encourage you to come meet us.


   We are always available for questions and concerns that you may have. We can help you with tips and suggestions ranging from helping the puppy adapt to his new home, to helping you through the puppy stages, to obedience training once your puppy gets a little bit older.

   Dreamland Bernedoodles is a place where families and puppies come together to make incredible memories and great friendships. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Lynn and Denise

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